Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TV: BBC's Atlantis looks like Young Hercules

The trailer for BBC's Atlantis came out a little bit ago, and honestly, the only thing I can see going for it is Mark Addy, Juliet Stevenson and Sarah Parish. Jason, the main character, has almost no palpable personality. Pythagoras could go either way, stereotype or endearing sidekick. It looks like a generic Greece with everyone who has ever been associated with Greece, mythological or otherwise, having a good adventurous romp with McGuffins galore. But perhaps it is just a bad trailer? As the comments say below in the Io9 article, BBC gave us fairly good if a bit hokey adaptations of Merlin and Robin Hood.

Thoughts? Anyone excited about it?

UPDATE: HOLY CRAP! They are either doing a really horrible job marketing this show, or they are geniuses. Jason is possibly a TIME TRAVELER?

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