Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Guest Post for The Book Rat for Fairy Tale Fortnight!

Hello everyone! Yes, yes, I am a bad, non-updating blogger. End of semester, end of work year blah blah blah.

However, here is something to tide you over!

The Book Rat has created this wonderful blogevent called Fairy Tale Fortnight, where guest bloggers from all over the bloggoverse write posts about fairy tales. I was one of the lucky chosen! Granted, my post was eaten, and so they have only just been able to tag it on to the end, but even though the fortnight is over, you should check out some of the great posts to get your fairy tale fix while I am scrambling to get my life in order.

My post is about the particular bee in my bonnet that you are all familiar with: relentless repetition in fairy tale movie and tv show adaptations. In my post, I suggest several alternate fairy tales for producers to consider.
Check out my post here.

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