Thursday, September 20, 2012

Infographic: Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey

I'm interrupting my apparently rampent bitterness at fairy tales in pop culture today (my last few posts are really kinda cynical!), to bring you something that makes my heart go "weeeee!" It goes "weeee!" for two reasons: 1) it is an infographic, and I loves me some infographics and 2) it is about Joseph Campbell and the stages of the hero's journey. I am a huuuuge sucker for Joseph Campbell and his Hero's Journey and his Masks of God and his "Follow your Bliss" and his wise life lessons based on myth and fairy tales.

So here is the infographic, discovered by me on SurLaLune, who discovered it at Modern Mythology (a blog that deserves further exploration on my part), who credits The Royal Society of Account Planning:

If you are unfamiliar with Joseph Campbell, or are a huge fan and would love to see a documentary about his ideas, here is the trailer for Finding Joe (which I have yet to see, but looks awesome!):

Also check out The Power of Myth book/ documentary, and the rest of his work!

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