Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Movie: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Trailer

Oh this movie. I will say, I am very glad that it is not Hansel and Gretel as adults finding a gingerbread house and kicking it's ass. However, with Peter Stormare as Ambigiously Germanic Official and the saving of the villiage children from the evil witch that is taking them, I got huge Brothers Grimm flashbacks. Even whatever filter they use looks similar to Brothers Grimm; the "it's about to rain" filter. And the vaguely olden times but still get to wear tailored tight leather outfits aesthetic. 

That being said....

I love me some Jeremy Renner, thought not as much as a fellow blog mistress I know (cough- Drown My Books-cough). And I love me some kicking supernatural ass. I am a bit worried that it doesn't seem to be much more than that? Aaaaand I have the same feeling as this when ALL WITCHES ARE EVIL:

After watching the pretty witches turn ugly, and the sheer amounts of witches fighting, I started to feel like this was subliminally a conservative, "lets kill all the earthy-crunchy people!" movie. For some reason, for me, one evil witch, all good. ALL THE WITCHES, I have troubles. I have less trouble with vampires or werewolves in that regard. But in general, I feel like it's better storytelling if you don't say "all if this race is ____" and give it some variety. 

Anyhoodle, the trailer was kinda bad at telling us anything other than "We are witch hunters because we were traumatized as children, all witches are evil, my sister gets captured and there is something more going on than just witches." Hopefully, the movie will be more complex than that! I am happy for Jeremy Renner to prance around in leather for two hours, but good storytelling/ characters would be awesomer. 


  1. Witches aren't a race, though. They're traditionally a type of supernatural creature who, in the fairy tales I have read (which isn't saying much, let's be honest) are malevolent creatures. Now, if you want a benevolent female magical creature, I think the word you're looking for is "fairy godmother" or "enchantress."

  2. Oh yeah, and total flashback to The Brothers Grimm!

  3. Christie, yeah I guess you're right about witches in fairy tales. In traditional fairy tales, at least, you very rarely get good witches. You can have hags that are good fairies in disguise, but never good witches. I'm letting fantasy literature and films bleed into my interpretations a bit, I think, as there are plenty of good witches outside of fairy tales.

    Witches might be a hot button with me because of historical witch burnings. The very real, and still prevalent idea that this group of people is bad so we should kill them. Doesn't sit well with me. Not sure why it irked me so much in the trailer with regard to witches. I have no problem with killing orcs or zombies.

    1. I suppose because "witches" are more likely to be believed real and therefore attacked (not to mention there are modern day people who identify as witches, I think as a religion). It's not likely that people are going to be burned at the stake or otherwise ostricized because they are or are believed to be ogres or zombies.

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