Thursday, May 22, 2014

You Know You're a Fairy Tale Blogger When....

Guys! Guys wait for me! <runs on out of breath>. You guys <gasp> I'm not <pant> dead I swear, I just <wheeze> have no time!

About two weeks ago I was tagged in the fun "You Know You're a Fairy Tale Blogger When..." series. I am only just getting around to compiling a list, and I am not even sure if I am worthy of being tagged. Fairy Tale blogging has alas slipped down to the lower end of my priority list what with grad school and day job and job hunting and dramagurging and lit managing and family and fiance and friends and other blog.

However, I will give it a shot. It will be short, because my colleagues have already summed up many of my thoughts.

1) Your automatic reaction to any story is "Oh, that's like X fairy tale!" "That sounds like The Juniper Tree!" "That sounds like Godfather Death!"

2) Hedgehogs are always named Hans.

3) You insert yourself into any conversation regarding fairy tales (even two strangers walking home at night talking about OUAT), and feel confidant debating all comers.

4) You try to make all school projects somehow about fairy tales (-cough- using Arne-Thompson as a system of organization in a library assignment. -cough-)

5) Your Dream House pinterest page is a cottage castle in the woods with lots of secret passages and vines and towers.

6) You feel a little paranoid and a little bad ass when walking at night in red outerwear.

7) Regardless of ratings, you feel compelled to read every fairy tale adaptation, and watch every movie and tv show because you have the paranoid worry your readers might get mad if you don't.

8) You see fairy tale symbolism everywhere. An apple, a clear shoe, a bean, a mirror, a rose.

9) You save every scrap of fairy tale news in case you want/ have time to blog about it later.

10) When adapting fairy tales collaboratively, your friends do not understand why you are being stubborn and getting emotional about certain elements. (Kai and Gerda having a happy ending in a theatrical adaptation of "The Snow Queen").

That is what I've got! Check out what everyone else said too, it's really fun! Thank you for including me on this, fellow bloggers!

I am now tagging Cate from Something To Read for the Train to keep the list going!

Kristin from Tales of Faerie
Gypsy from Once Upon a Blog
Heidi of SurLaLune
Adam of Fairy Tale Fandom
Tahlia from Diamonds and Toads and Timeless Tales
Kate at Enchanted Conversation
Kristina at Twice Upon a Time
Reilly, co-founder of the Australian Fairy Tales Society
Christie at Spinning Straw into Gold


  1. As a recent graduate school student, I get what you're saying about being busy. Glad you managed to participate.

  2. We have SO much in common... but we knew that. ;) (Love the list!)

  3. This is lovely! Looks like I will be spending my evening checking out all the links!

  4. I have a question: what's the deal with #10? Were you arguing for a happy ending or against a happy ending. I think "The Snow Queen" was written with a happy ending (though, recently, I believe my mind has invented a subtext where it isn't). I'm unclear on that.

    1. Oh, I was fighting for a happy ending and they wanted to change it to show that they had changed so much on their journeys that they couldn't be friends anymore.

    2. Okay, I get it now. With Andersen, so many of his endings are sad or bittersweet that I thought I might have misinterpreted that one.

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