Thursday, August 23, 2012

Poster: If Children Don't Read....


If children don’t read they’ll never know.
MPH classic books ads via Bibi’s Box

I don't entirely agree with the poster, as I think kids learn from experience, conversations, TV, games, and other people's example, but I do like the idea. We often just assume that our kids will grow up with the same things we grew up with. But if you don't read them or tell them the story of Little Red Riding Hood, they won't know they story of Little Red Riding Hood and the lessons it teaches (whatever you interpret those to be). Same thing with Sesame Street, or Boy Meets World, or the Old Testament, or Peter Pan, or Greek Myths. 

Pass it on. 

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  1. Good point. Children learn first and foremost from watching other people and how they behave in society.

    There is a strong case for reading building vocabulary, though, and therefore improving the ability to express one's thoughts in speech.