Friday, March 16, 2012

Movies: New Footage and Behind the Scenes Featurettes for the Snow White Movies

Thanks to Io9, we have some fresh new footage from Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, and I am surprised to say it makes me rather excited and optimistic for the movies!

First we have some adorable clips from Mirror, Mirror. Tarsem Singh, the director, has said that he is rather appalled at the "hammily off" trailers for his film, and these clips show a little more of the charm and subtle humor that the trailers bulldozed. Here are my favorites (see here for the rest): 

And next we have some magnificent behind-the-scenes footage for Snow White and the Huntsman, discussing the Bathory-like VERY EVIL Queen, the stunning and well-thought-out costumes, and some thrilling heroics by Kristen Stewart! (Original article with one additional featurette).

Very exciting! Squee-worthy action sequences, and costumes that are just works of art. They remind me of McQueen fashion. Though did anyone notice King Magnus was from Gondor?

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