Thursday, March 22, 2012

TV: Animated Grimm Fairy Tales Comics Kickstarter Campaign

(Image from Comic Vine)

For those of you who don't know the Grimm Fairy Tales comic books, this is what Wikipedia says about them: 
"Grimm Fairy Tales is a horror comic book series by Zenescope Entertainment that presents classic fairy tales, albeit with modern twists or expanded plots. It began publication in June 2005.
Each issue of Grimm Fairy Tales has two parts: a frame story and a fairy tale. The frame story revolves around Dr. Sela Mathers, a Doctor/Professor of Literature who has been given the ability to help people by showing them fairy tales with a lesson about their life. She struggles with the fact that people ignore her advice and ruin their lives anyway, and begins using her ability to dispense justice instead (see issue #15 "The Three Little Pigs"). Sela's nemesis is Belinda, who has the same ability as Sela but uses it for evil.
The other portion of the story is a twisted version of a classic fairy tale. The fairy tales are often violent and end in depressing ways, warning the readers to change their lives or suffer a similar (sometimes, worse) fate."
 As you can see they are dark, gory and boob-tastic. Seriously, all their chicks are dressed that way.

Anyway, the folks at Zenescope have partnered with Titmouse (responsible for many adult swim cartoons)  on a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an animated cartoon of Grimm Fairy Tales! While one part of my brain is going, "This is horribly misogynistic and degrading," the other part is going, "Oh, but it's fun!" You be the judge!

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